How to Be a Successful Limousine Driver with These 5 Tips

There’s more to driving a limousine than being a good driver. That being said, continue reading to find out five tips that will help you become a successful limousine driver!

  1. Pick-Up and Drop-Off in Appropriate Areas

People hire a limousine driver to have a special luxurious experience. That being said, clients typically want to be seen getting in and out of their limousine. So, don’t plan to drop off your clients in an alley a street over from the place they’re going to. Instead, do everything you possibly can to drop off your clients in a premier spot. The same terms go for picking up your clients after their night out. You shouldn’t make arrangements to meet your clients a few minutes away from their event. Instead, drive as close as possible to the entrance and wait for them. Another thing that should be noted is you should never pick-up and drop-off your clients near large puddles. After all, there’s nothing worse than having to step around a large puddle to get in and out of your otherwise luxurious vehicle.

  1. Treat Everyone Like Royalty

Let’s face it: while there’s always a chance that your next client will be someone famous or “important”, majority of your clients will most likely be close to average people. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t treat typical clients any differently than you would treat your better-known clients. In other words, you should treat everyone like they’re royalty.

  1. Double-Check Everything

Before picking up clients and after dropping them off, you should always double-check everything. This means that you should make sure the technical aspects of your limousine are in good condition, as well as the material and accommodational items, such as any refreshments. Even if you think your limousine is in good condition, you should double and even triple check it for good measure.

  1. Always Be Cheerful

People respond to cheerfulness and happiness. If you want your clients to have a good experience, then you should want to have a good experience as well. This means that you should welcome every trip with an open mind and a smile on your face.

  1. Avoid Driving People You Know

While you might think that driving around your family or friends for their luxurious night would be a walk in the park, it’s actually often the opposite. Driving people you know puts extra pressure on you as a professional and friend. Unfortunately, the people you know might also take advantage of the fact they know you. Therefore the old saying, “don’t mix business with pleasure” definitely applies to being a successful limousine driver.

8 Reasons to Hire a Limousine Service

Limousines aren’t only for the rich and famous. Here are a few reasons to hire a limousine service (like you really need to convince yourself to hire one).

  1. Wedding

Typically, people go all out for weddings. This means exclusivity and luxury. If you want to make a grand entrance to your wedding and reception venues, consider hiring a limousine service for you and your future partner, and even your wedding party.

  1. V.I.P.

A limousine is the ultimate exclusive mode of transportation. Hiring a limousine service will add an element of exclusivity to your group and where you’re going, as well as make you feel like you’re famous.

  1. Parking

There’s nothing worse than planning a fun event and having to worry about parking. It can be hard to find cheap parking, especially in major cities or around popular events. That being said, leave your worries behind and hire a limousine service. Not only will parking not be an issue, but you won’t have to worry about walking a long distance to the event because your driver can drop you off at the front door.

  1. Romance

It’s no secret that limousines are romantic. If you’re planning a special romantic night out, consider hiring a limousine service to drive you and your partner around. You can cozy up in the back of the limousine and enjoy a glass of champagne or wine.

  1. Treat Yourself

Everybody should treat themselves once in a while. Whether you’re going to a special event or pampering yourself for a day, indulge a little bit and hire a luxurious limousine service.

  1. Ultimate Pregame

Whether you have a ten minute drive or a two hour drive, it’s always fun to pregame a little bit before an event. Since you can’t legally drink on your way to an event in your own car or on public transportation, you have to pregame at your house. But with a limousine service, you can indulge in the ultimate experience by drinking as much as you want before your event.

  1. Memorable Experience

Riding in a limousine is truly a memorable experience that makes any event more special and unique. So if you want to make an event special and noteworthy, you should hire a limousine service.

  1. Peace of Mind

Overall, hiring a limousine service will give you peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about finding a designated driver to be the only sober person, and you won’t have to worry about being in the predicament of anyone driving under the influence. Instead of waiting around at the end of the night to catch a taxi or other form of transportation, you can easily hop in your limousine and safely get home.

7 steps to starting a limousine rental company

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The limousine business is on the rise. It has increased significantly over the past few years. There is huge competition in this sector. But with effort and dedication, you can make lots of money in this business. You need to have the right planning and the right people to establish a successful limo business. Here are the steps needed to start your business.

Make a business plan

This is the first thing you should do. You should make a detailed business plan where you will include your vision, mission, operations strategy, marketing strategy, financial strategy, etc.

Calculate cost of business

You should set up a budget. You should consider the cost of purchasing or leasing vehicles, the cost of insurance, license, maintenance, fuel, the salary of drivers, etc.

Purchase or lease a car

You will need to purchase or lease a car. Leasing it may be a better option if you don’t have enough capital. You can start with an old model car and then buy new models once your business starts to grow. You should make sure that your car meets all the safety standards. You should buy a good navigation system for your car.

Apply for permits and licenses

The next step is to apply for a license, liability insurance, and tax identification number. The drivers you hire must have proper license to carry passengers. You should set up the legal structure of the company; that is, decide whether it will be proprietorship, partnership, corporation, etc.

Hire drivers

You should hire drivers very selectively. You must make sure that the drivers are properly licensed. You should check their background including their years of experience. You should hire drivers who are smart and polite.

Form networks

You should collaborate and form relationships with other limo businesses in your area. This is necessary because there may be events that require lots of fleets and so more than one company has to provide service. You should set up a mutual referral system with your competitors so that you get more jobs. You can become a group of associations like National Limousine Association to increase your exposure and credibility.

Market your business

Most customers today get information about limousine service through the Internet. You should have a good website for your company and develop an online marketing strategy for your company. You can also advertise on local newspapers about your limousine hire service.

If you find it hard to start your business, you can hire a consultant to help you. If your planning is right and you stick to your plan, then it will be comfortable to set up your limousine hire business.

Top 6 tips to become a limousine driver

Becoming a limousine driver is a lucrative profession. You can earn good money and get the experience of driving a luxury car. You can become a limousine driver in two ways. First, you can be a self-employed driver and provide luxury services to private clients. In such case, you will need to buy or lease your own limousine. Second, you can become an employed limousine driver and work with renowned limousine rental companies. Here are some tips to become a limousine driver.

  1. If you want to become self-employed limousine driver, then you should have a large amount of capital to buy the limousine. You can buy older model cars that will be cheaper. You will need to consider the costs of insurance, license, maintenance, and other costs. You should comply with various conditions to be registered as a self-employed driver. You should contact the local authority for details.
  2. If you get employed by a company, you should be prepared to work long hours at very short notice. You will need to transport business people to and from airport or work. Airport transfer is one of the major services provided by the limousine rental services. So, you should get familiar with the airports near you.
  3. You should be punctual all the time. A limousine driver should never be late. You will have many corporate clients for whom time is very valuable. They may be catching a flight or a meeting and it is very important that they reach their destination on time.
  4. You should know the common routes. Though there will be navigation system on your car, but you shouldn’t completely rely on them. You should know where you are going and know how to reach your destination using the best possible route. You should not break any driving rules, like speed limits, even if the client asks you to.
  5. You should concentrate on your personal development. It is not easy to become a limousine driver. You will need to be polite and smart. You should be efficient enough to give the highest level of service possible. You should be well dressed and take care of your personal hygiene. You should be ready to meet various requirements of the clients. For example, you may be expected to offer a cup of coffee when they arrive or give certain newspaper.
  6. You will need to keep your vehicle in good condition always. The car should be clean both inside and outside. There shouldn’t be any garbage inside and your car must smell nice.

It can be very rewarding to work for a large limousine rental company or become a self-employed limousine driver. You will be able to meet very high profile clients. You will be very satisfied with your job.

8 myths about limousine hire service that you should know about

People associate limousine with wealth, class, and prestige. They are often used in movies and special occasions. There are some myths associated with the limo hire service that you should know about.

Limos are only for the rich

It is true that hiring limo can be expensive, but it is not only designed for the rich people. Anyone can enjoy a ride in a limo. There are some affordable services available and you can get discounts in special occasions. An hour drive in limo won’t cost you much more than if you had hired a taxi considering all the extras you get with a limo and the number of passengers it can accommodate.

Limos are not for long drives

Limousine is not only a showpiece. It is very useful as well. You can take a limo for long drives without worrying about your safety. You can hire a limo for 24 hours or even more and ride in complete luxury.

You can rent only the old model cars

There are rental companies who have a fleet of the latest models of limousines. These vehicles have state-of-the-art facilities including leather seats, entertainment system, bar, and much more. The cars are maintained very well and so you will find them in good condition always.

Limo chauffeurs are not educated

This is so untrue. Limo drivers are highly literate and very fluent in English. They are very courteous and well dressed. They are highly trained to greet the guests properly. They are very courteous and friendly with the guests.

Limos are only for the corporate executives

Anyone can hire a limo, including teenagers or someone elderly. You can rent a limo for prom night, wedding, graduation, birthdays and other occasions. Anyone can enjoy a luxury ride in a limo.

You get limos in black color only

Though black is the most common color of limos, you can get limos in other colors as well. Black looks very stylish and elegant; that’s why there are more black- colored limos than any other color. You will find white and pink limos as well.

You cannot take a limo on highways

Limos are not often seen in highways, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot take one in highways. There is no law that bars limos to be on main roads of highways. So, you can enjoy a ride in a limo on any road.

Limousine is a brand

It is one of the most common misconceptions people have about limousine. It is not a brand. It is a generic term used for stretched luxury cars. Limousines can be from brands like Rolls Royce, Ford, Hummer, etc. Limos are different because they have more space than a normal car, and can accommodate more people.

As you know the truth about limos now, there shouldn’t be any barrier in hiring a limo for your special occasion or just for the sake of experiencing a luxury ride. When you hire a limo hire service, you will have to make sure that they have proper license and insurance so that you don’t get into any trouble.

Top 6 most expensive limousines in the world

Limousines allow you to enjoy your ride to the fullest. You not only go from one place to another but get entertained inside the car. You get all the attention from people on the street and the feeling is simply great. Limousines have been popular for years. There are some awesome limos that will take your breath away. Here are the most expensive limousines in the world now.

1. Custom Rolls Royce Silver Spur Limo made for the Sultan of Brunei

This limousine costs $14 million! The proud owner of this luxurious limo is the Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah. He is known to have a huge collection of cars. It is known that his family bought half of the Rolls Royces that are sold in the world. This car is plated with pure 24 karat gold.

2. Batmobile Limousine

This car was designed after the Batman movie series. The car has all the gadgets that Batman used. There is a V8 Corvette jet engine fitted to the car. It costs $4.2 million.

3. The American Dream

This car is owned by the car collector Jay Ohrberg. It is a very long limo of 100 feet and has 26 wheels. It has a sundeck, a heated Jacuzzi, king sized beds, a swimming pool, and a helicopter landing pad as well! The car is world $4 million.

4. Rolls Royce Phantom Limo

This limo was found in China and it was worth $3.8 million. It was designed to carry the President of a powerful country. The car has bulletproof armor and an office inside. It has a 6.8-liter V12 engine that can produce 432 horsepower.

5. The Beast

This limo once carried the President of the United States. This is one of the safest vehicles around. There is enough armor in the vehicle to withstand RPG attack. Many of the features of this car are unknown due to national security. But, it is assumed to carry firefighting equipment, tear gas, oxygen tanks, and shotguns. It may also have a built-in grenade launcher. The price of this limo is $3 million.

6. The Midnight Rider

This car was designed in 1986. It is made from a tractor trailer body. It can accommodate up to 40 passengers. It has three lounge areas that are equipped with high-quality speaker systems. There is an onboard nightclub along with a DJ. There is a full-size bar and there are bartenders to serve you. It costs $2.5 million and it is the most hired limo and the heaviest limo in the world.

These limos are for the rich and the famous. It is the ultimate sign of prestige and luxury. The experience that you get with these limos is priceless.

7 tips for hiring the right limo for your trip

Riding in a limo can be an experience of a lifetime. People hire limos for various purposes. They rent limos for weddings, proms, sightseeing, airport transfers, and more. If you are looking to hire a limo for any of these occasions, the following tips will help you to choose the right limo.

Travel on weekdays

Weekends are always busy for limo hire services. People rent limos for various occasions or parties during the weekend. You should hire limo on weekdays. That way you might get a huge discount on your rides.

Choose the vehicle size carefully

Most of the limo renting services charge by the car. So, you will be a charge depending on whether you choose a six-passenger car, eight-passenger car or ten-passenger car. Six-passenger cars are cheaper. So, when you decide to travel by limo, make sure the total number of passengers on the limo is at most six in order to save money.

Know the price

The price of the limo renting service includes the cost of fuels and other costs as well. So, when they quote you the price, make sure you know what the prices include.

Check their insurance and driving license

According to law, all limousine rental companies must have private hire insurance. Some companies may not follow the law. So, in order to avoid trouble, you should ask the company if they have the insurance or not. You should also check the chauffeur’s driving license.

Consider payment in advance

You should avoid renting limo companies that demand more than 50% deposit. Some companies demand full advance payment but end up giving you poor service.

Inspect the car

Limos are luxuries. You should check the car before renting it. Good limo hire companies will let you have a look at their fleet of cars before hiring one. You can check the exterior and the interior of the car.


You will be surprised to know that most limo hire services charge the same rate. The difference is in their type of vehicles and the extras that come with it. You should call the limo hire company to know what extras they are offering. Compare what other companies are offering and try to negotiate.

Limo hire is a luxurious experience and you should make sure that it’s a good one. By remembering these tips you will be able to hire the right limo for yourself. You should take the time to research what other companies are offering before hiring a limo service.

4 reasons for choosing airport limo services

When you are on a business trip, it is better to hire airport limo services. Though there are other modes of transportation available, but hiring a limo will be your best decision. Here are the reasons for hiring airport limo services.


People want convenience in airport transfer services. Hiring limo will enhance your journey. You can pre-book the times of your drop-off and pick-up. You can go to the airport on time and at a reasonable price. With limo service, you won’t need to worry about transporting your luggage to the terminal. They will drop you at your terminal door.

Cost effectiveness

It is a misconception that limo services are very expensive. There are affordable services as well. In fact, limo services can save you money. You will get a lot more value from a limo service than a normal taxi service.


Limos are usually very well maintained. They are clean and they have all the things you need for a pleasurable journey. The drivers are very friendly and they ensure that you get a great service.The limo hire services will advise you on the size of the limo to accommodate everyone you are traveling with. Your luggage will fit the vehicles comfortably as well.


Safety is a major factor you should consider when you are on a trip. There are risks associated with public parking. So, it is better to hire a limousine and not worry about your car. You will feel much secured and comfortable.

So, book a limo for your next airport transfer when you travel to a new place. You will have a safe and comfortable trip to and from the airport.

5 reasons you should hire a limo for your wedding

The wedding is one of the happiest days of your life. You have planned everything perfectly, but you will miss something if you don’t hire a limo for the big day. Here are some reasons why you should hire a limo for your wedding.

Enjoy time with family and friends

A wedding is a right time to spend some precious time with family and friends. Wedding limos have all the party arrangements inside. There is a bar, DVD player, party lighting, and more for your enjoyment.

Come together

It is a wonderful experience to come together with your close ones at the wedding venue. Wedding limos can accommodate lots of people at a time, so you can all have a great journey together.

Arrive in style

There is nothing more stylish than arriving at the wedding venue in a limo. You will get premium services along with the ride, like romantic music, flowers, and red carpet services. You will feel like a celebrity when you come in a limo and cameras will be flashing at you when you get down to it.


A wedding can make people stressful. Limo can give you a comfortable experience before your special moment. While you are inside the limo, you can relax, listen to the lovely music, drink from the bar inside and just have a comfortable trip to the wedding venue.


You can have a romantic ride with your wife after the wedding reception. Wedding limos are fully equipped with things that will give you the most unforgettable moments of your life. You will have all the privacy inside and get the chance to spend some romantic time with your loved one.

There are many limo hire services that provide affordable wedding limos. You can contact them to know what extra services they provide with the ride to make your day special.