8 myths about limousine hire service that you should know about

People associate limousine with wealth, class, and prestige. They are often used in movies and special occasions. There are some myths associated with the limo hire service that you should know about.

Limos are only for the rich

It is true that hiring limo can be expensive, but it is not only designed for the rich people. Anyone can enjoy a ride in a limo. There are some affordable services available and you can get discounts in special occasions. An hour drive in limo won’t cost you much more than if you had hired a taxi considering all the extras you get with a limo and the number of passengers it can accommodate.

Limos are not for long drives

Limousine is not only a showpiece. It is very useful as well. You can take a limo for long drives without worrying about your safety. You can hire a limo for 24 hours or even more and ride in complete luxury.

You can rent only the old model cars

There are rental companies who have a fleet of the latest models of limousines. These vehicles have state-of-the-art facilities including leather seats, entertainment system, bar, and much more. The cars are maintained very well and so you will find them in good condition always.

Limo chauffeurs are not educated

This is so untrue. Limo drivers are highly literate and very fluent in English. They are very courteous and well dressed. They are highly trained to greet the guests properly. They are very courteous and friendly with the guests.

Limos are only for the corporate executives

Anyone can hire a limo, including teenagers or someone elderly. You can rent a limo for prom night, wedding, graduation, birthdays and other occasions. Anyone can enjoy a luxury ride in a limo.

You get limos in black color only

Though black is the most common color of limos, you can get limos in other colors as well. Black looks very stylish and elegant; that’s why there are more black- colored limos than any other color. You will find white and pink limos as well.

You cannot take a limo on highways

Limos are not often seen in highways, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot take one in highways. There is no law that bars limos to be on main roads of highways. So, you can enjoy a ride in a limo on any road.

Limousine is a brand

It is one of the most common misconceptions people have about limousine. It is not a brand. It is a generic term used for stretched luxury cars. Limousines can be from brands like Rolls Royce, Ford, Hummer, etc. Limos are different because they have more space than a normal car, and can accommodate more people.

As you know the truth about limos now, there shouldn’t be any barrier in hiring a limo for your special occasion or just for the sake of experiencing a luxury ride. When you hire a limo hire service, you will have to make sure that they have proper license and insurance so that you don’t get into any trouble.