7 tips for hiring the right limo for your trip

Riding in a limo can be an experience of a lifetime. People hire limos for various purposes. They rent limos for weddings, proms, sightseeing, airport transfers, and more. If you are looking to hire a limo for any of these occasions, the following tips will help you to choose the right limo.

Travel on weekdays

Weekends are always busy for limo hire services. People rent limos for various occasions or parties during the weekend. You should hire limo on weekdays. That way you might get a huge discount on your rides.

Choose the vehicle size carefully

Most of the limo renting services charge by the car. So, you will be a charge depending on whether you choose a six-passenger car, eight-passenger car or ten-passenger car. Six-passenger cars are cheaper. So, when you decide to travel by limo, make sure the total number of passengers on the limo is at most six in order to save money.

Know the price

The price of the limo renting service includes the cost of fuels and other costs as well. So, when they quote you the price, make sure you know what the prices include.

Check their insurance and driving license

According to law, all limousine rental companies must have private hire insurance. Some companies may not follow the law. So, in order to avoid trouble, you should ask the company if they have the insurance or not. You should also check the chauffeur’s driving license.

Consider payment in advance

You should avoid renting limo companies that demand more than 50% deposit. Some companies demand full advance payment but end up giving you poor service.

Inspect the car

Limos are luxuries. You should check the car before renting it. Good limo hire companies will let you have a look at their fleet of cars before hiring one. You can check the exterior and the interior of the car.


You will be surprised to know that most limo hire services charge the same rate. The difference is in their type of vehicles and the extras that come with it. You should call the limo hire company to know what extras they are offering. Compare what other companies are offering and try to negotiate.

Limo hire is a luxurious experience and you should make sure that it’s a good one. By remembering these tips you will be able to hire the right limo for yourself. You should take the time to research what other companies are offering before hiring a limo service.